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  • Andrew Shackleton

    Hi BirdKids :-) Loving the little OffGrid, really helps me with live improvisations with my Live sets. One small thing I have noticed is that if you have shifted the octave up or down (so the octave shift up or down buttons are lit up), and you then press the shifter 1 or shifter 2 button and let go without selecting anything else, the octave shift buttons lights go off and do not come back on unless you then press the octave shift button again.

    Unfortunately the "Submit a request" page didn't work for me, otherwise I would have used that, so I am leaving this as a comment, feel free to delete this at any time. Thanks and looking forward to seeing the Web Editor when it is made available.


  • birdkids Support

    Dear Andrew,

    thanks so much for reporting this bug!

    We're aware of it and it's on the to-do list for the next revision.

    Regarding the submit a request issue, this seems to be a frequent occurrence on the 3rd party provider's side:
    As well as sign-in problems described here by other users of the platform:
    As we're not hosting those platforms ourselves, there's unfortunately little we can do to remedy that other than report to Zendesk.
    There are more and more arguments for not using their Community forum, so we're thinking of migrating ASAP.
    Let us know if your issue is described in one of the links.


  • Andrew Shackleton

    Great, thanks.  No the issue I have with submitting a request is that there is no text box shown to type my request into (as shown in attached image).  If I upload a file, which I can do, then press submit it just sits there doing nothing :-)

  • birdkids Support

    Thank you Andrew, if it persists, simply email us at it will land in the Support Ticket queue by default as those are linked.


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