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OffGrid - Factory Preset Overview



  • Andrew Shackleton

    Good starting points :-)  What MIDI Channel are the presets set to?  Is it just MIDI channel 1 (except for the MPE of course)

  • birdkids Support

    Good point, thank you Andrew! All channels on the above presets except for MPE are set to CH1 by default. As soon as the WebEditor is launched those can be changed to anything else on a preset level.

  • Benjamin DeMers

    I notice one thing that is quite weird and yet I kind of understand the purpose but think it should be different. That is the octaves up and down. I play keys so I could understand why it only moves 12 semi tones. I think that it should move 16 on this device because its less confusing on where you are when you go an octave up or down.




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